Finding Hidden Spy Devices in Your House Witha Wireless Signal Detector

Finding Hidden Spy Devices in Your House Witha Wireless Signal Detector

There are lots of creepers who plant hidden cameras and microphones in vacation rentals and even in rental houses without the renter even knowing. If you’re concerned about this, your concern is both real and completely normal, as privacy in your living space is your basic right.

We’ve even heard about family managers planting hidden spy cameras in other’s houses. So, your own home might also be compromised. But how can you see of there are any hidden spying cameras or microphones in your house?

Here are some ways to see if there are any of the above mentioned items in your house.

Physically Check Your Living Space

If you are suspecting that there might be a spy camera in your room, you should first try checking everything manually. You’d need to think like a spy and figure out the area in which a spy would plant the camera. Also, check all the light fixtures and decorative items in your room for microphone transmitters.

You can also see if there’s anything unusual placed recently in your room. Pinholes usually have cameras behind them. In short, do a thorough physical check and make sure that noting is left unchecked.

Use a Wireless Signal Detector

If you travel to different places frequently and rent hotel rooms every now and then, you should also be concerned about your privacy. To check for bugging devices quickly, you can invest in a wireless signal detector. They are cheap and small, making them portable and really useful in the time of need.

With the help of these, you can detect the signals of microphones, cameras and some can even detect pinhole cameras by emitting infrared light. You can buy one of these easily from sites like


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