The Way To Repair Epson TM-C3500 “Head Maintenance” Error

The Way To Repair Epson TM-C3500 “Head Maintenance” Error

You might locate that your Epson TM-C3500 sometimes in”Head Maintenance” style. This can be when the printer pushes ink through to prevent any ink clogging and will not. Printheads are used by inkjet printing technology with thousands of nozzles that are very small and are subject to clogging the more tags you print. The main reason nozzles clog is because of contamination being transported into your printer. For instance, falling a fresh tag roll could pick up dust and dirt that can get blocked to the printing head. Another method for nozzles to clog is if ink produces a jam and in the printhead dries up.

Nozzle clogged

This is typical for leaving off the printer for quite a while and being subjected to arid surroundings. When a nozzle clogged and is plugged you will see lines move upon the print across the path of the printhead. The white lines would be the place that has been overlooked due to the nozzle. You will locate your printer in maintenance mode hoping to fix the nozzle primera lx900 labels. On the Epson TM-C3500, it is possible to switch off the cleanup and assessing function of this printer to conserve ink and also to decrease the amount of maintenance fittings required. If you publish hardly any tags, then you can conduct the tag printer with a “no lost dot detection style” chosen and wash when required.

It will be required to clean manually if your nozzle is clogged. Run a nozzle test print job and you’ll be able to decide where the issue is coming out of. It will show you which areas of what colour are changed and will print in each colour of CMYK. Run a guide cleanup onto the printer and then go back the nozzle test to determine whether the cleanup enhanced the printing head. Repeat the previous step until the nozzle is apparent or until the print quality improves. The very best method is to maintain the press tag rolls at the plastic once you buy them. Keeping it will minimize the vulnerability that the tag roll will need to dust and dirt.


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